LED Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are a great alternative to conventional overhead and ceiling lighting. Smart Lighting’s V-TAC LED floor lamps are practical and functional, whilst also offering a touch of sophistication with their modern, sleek designs. Choosing an elegant floor lamp can illuminate dark corners and create a warm, inviting ambience in most rooms.

While they are a great option to add a personal design touch, floor lamps are extremely practical, too. With adjustable heads to help direct light for reading or dimmable lamps that allow for creating an ambient, cosy environment, LED floor lamps are so much more than just something to fill an empty corner in your living room. The way you use a floor lamp can truly open up space, making even the smallest of rooms seem spacious and bright.

Whether you’re seeking a more traditional style or something modern, an up light to brighten a feature wall or a task light for more focus and adjustable direction, you can find a whole variety of options to choose from here at Smart Lighting. Choose your LED floor standing lamps to blend in with your bedroom or a stand-out piece to inject a bit of personality and contrast.

Our sleek, space-saving LED standing lamps can fit into tight corners and are available in different styles to complement a variety of interiors. They work well for the energy conscious, too as you can use just one light rather than several to brighten a room.

LED lighting technology is extremely efficient, and new-age high quality LED bulbs are no-flicker, allowing for seamless light to flow through space without interruption.

If you’re looking for a sleek, energy-efficient and practical way to illuminate a space, choose one of our modern floor lamps available in a variety of styles to suit any preference.

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