Day / Night Sensor

An automatic light sensor changes your entire home’s relationship with light. By allowing a day-night sensor to take over the lights in your home, you can enjoy seamless transitions, taking you from early dusk to the lighting you need.

A light sensor switch allows you the control over when your space is lit, with no effort on your part to choose the best time to light your home. Customers love our day night switch that turns on when dark for the added security in their home, particularly when away at work until later in the day or longer on holiday. Day Night sensor lights automatically give the impression you are home, creating a lived-in look inside and out.

Automatic light switches are great for outdoor lighting too. Enjoy the practical benefits of lighting your driveway, porch and garden as daylight falls and come home to a well-lit space that’s both inviting and easier to navigate. Dark sensor light switch is an increasingly popular choice of lighting accessory for the switched-on household. The auto day night sensor will complement your smart living choices and remove obstacles to creating an easy life aided by the best technology. They provide easy transition from day to night while giving you overall control to light your space whenever you choose.

To make an automatic light switch, simply choose your preferred automatic light sensor from our range and follow the installation instructions with your product. Enjoy effort-free day night sensor lighting straight away, all year round.

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