12V LED Strip Lights

Perfect for lighting up borders, staircases, cabinets and other edges around the home or workplace, our high brightness LED strip lights are the ultimate space-saving solution. Rather than opting for bulky lighting, these ultra-bright LED strips illuminate with ease and require minimal installation.

They offer incredible flexibility owing to the fact they can be cut to length to fit the area required, making them the perfect option for just about any room.

So how do you choose the right level of brightness for your LED strip lighting? Light is measured in lumens, meaning the more lumens per meter, the more light your strip will throw out. A lower level of lumens is fine for normal floor lighting, while tables and countertops may require a higher level. If you need an even brighter light, for example, to carry out tasks in daylight, then the highest level of lumens will be required.

Another consideration when looking at bright LED strip lights is the colour – warm white LED lights will give a different ambience to a room than bright white LED strips.

Here at Smart Lighting our bright LED strip range offers colour temperatures of 3,000K (warm white), 4500K (day white) and 6000K (white).

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