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CCTV and other security systems are an excellent way of keeping an eye on your home or business when you’re away or during the night, giving you extra peace of mind. CCTV systems or ‘closed-circuit television’ is a network of cameras which transmit their signal to one place in a closed circuit, as opposed to broadcast television whereby the signal can be picked up by any receiver.

Surveillance cameras and security doorbells are used by both residential and commercial premises as a deterrent and offer improved protection for the building they are attached to. A key consideration when looking at surveillance systems for your home or business is the Data Protection Act (DPA).

There are different criteria when using home CCTV or a CCTV in a place of work. If your camera is pointed only at your home and no public or shared spaces around it are included, then the DPA does not apply to you. However, if it is filming people in public places you will need to justify why this is necessary if challenged by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

If using CCTV on commercial premises you need to put up a sign telling your customers they are being filmed and only keep those images as long as is necessary.

Once you’ve decided that CCTV is for you, Smart Lighting has everything you need, from video doorbells to smart security and CCTV cameras with security lights and even night vision. Our indoor and outdoor CCTV camera systems from V-Tac work via WiFi transmission and come with premium quality image sensors which have a minimum resolution of 720P.

Wireless cameras also support remote monitoring via iPhone and Android and allow for real-time alerts to be sent to your mobile. If you are in the market for a new CCTV system don’t hesitate to browse our full range, and get in touch with any queries.

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