Microwave Sensors

Here at Smart lighting, we offer micro wave sensors that are sensitive to movement and ideal for large spaces and areas that have an awkward shape or where fine motion detection is required. These presence detection sensors have a much greater coverage that other types of sensors, and higher sensitivity, and can detect movement through the glass. Additionally, these sensors feature longer life span compared to PIR sensors and can still be functioning correctly after 100,000 hours.

Products Features
  • Microwave motion sensor uses high-frequency electromagnetic waves and integrated circuits
  • Remote sensing and detection across barriers
  • High-frequency detection system for the effective operation
  • Automatism-Convenience-Safety-Energy Saving
  • Adjustable Time Delay – Ambient light – Detection distance for versatile scenarios


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Microwave Motion Sensor IP20

SKU Code:5078

£14.99 £11.70 inc. VAT
Microwave Motion Sensor IP65 Black
Microwave Motion Sensor IP65 White

Wallmount Microwave Sensor

SKU Code:5083

£21.59 £19.33 inc. VAT