Microwave Motion Sensors

Microwave motion sensors offer a fine-tuned experience of the traditional PIR (passive infra-red) motion sensor, picking up much smaller movements and triggering your lighting in more difficult spaces. Microwave presence detectors have greater coverage than traditional sensors and can detect movement through glass, making them a brilliant option for choosing to place your motion sensor either indoors facing the outside or completely outdoor.

A microwave motion sensor will establish a baseline space analysis to constantly compare to and send out its microwave sensors to establish distances between the sensor and objects in its range. Once the distance changes, this alerts the sensor to activate and communicate with your lighting or alarm.

Microwave motion sensors for lighting control is the best use of our products. When your motion sensor detects movement, alerting you by turning on the connected lighting is automatic, and quickly deters intruders, making your home safer when you are there and elsewhere.

Are microwave motion sensors safe? These presence sensors are completely safe to use. They are brilliantly intuitive and reliable for detecting the difference between ordinary movement and possible intruder movement, making them the perfect choice for securing your home.

Microwave sensor lights are also a great choice in commercial and industrial settings that often feature large spaces, numerous obstacles and interfering objects. Due to their brilliant lifespan of 100,000 hours, they are perfect for installing without further maintenance. Commercial

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