Solar Street Lights

If you’re looking for highly efficient solar-powered street lights, we provide a range of options that are suitable for use in all outdoor environments.

Environmentally friendly

Taking a green and clean approach to outdoor lighting, our solar street light products are ideal for those who prefer to make eco-friendly decisions. Using the latest in solar power technology, our solar panel street light solutions are reassuringly reliable and efficient and will work in all weather conditions.

With no electricity costs to worry about, the solar street lights effectively and quickly harness energy from the sun, illuminating the outside for a long period of use.

Versatile options

Whatever you demand from a solar street light, we provide a variety of options, including different LED watts, colour temperatures, installation methods and features. However, each solar street light is made using the highest quality components to ensure durability, no matter which model you go for.

High-tech features

As well as offering efficient photovoltaic conversion for superior illumination, all of our solar-powered street lights are easy to operate, offering you complete control. You can choose options that come with a remote control and timer function, for instance, as well as those with a sensor operation, for ease of use.

All of our solar panel street light options offer a generous beam angle, so that a wide area of the road, pavement or other outside area is provided with adequate lighting, helping to keep your environment safe and secure.


All of our solar street lights offer great value for money and longevity, whether you opt for a budget-friendly model or one offering extensive features. Take a look at the range of options available.

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