LED Pendant Lights

LED pendant lights offer an elegant solution to lighting any space in your home. They offer a versatile design that’s easy to style and blend with your favourite interior choices. Choose lighting that adds the finishing touch to your space by considering the LED hanging light material to reflect your room’s style, whether a focus on metal designs, wood, glass or acrylic provides what you are looking for.

When shopping for LED pendant ceiling lights, it’s a great idea to consider what will suit the room you have in mind. For a dining room, you might want to consider a bar pendant light, mirroring the shape of dining tables and creating an intimate but well thought out look that provides the lighting the space needs. When you move a little further into the kitchen, rise and fall LED hanging pendant lights provide brilliant flexibility and adaptation to the mood of the room, as well as being highly functional, adding light in closer proximity when you want it.

For hallways, landings and entranceways, try a longer cable LED hanging light to maximise the ceiling height and create an impactful look with your choices. In bedrooms, living spaces and other rooms you spend a lot of time in, allow your design preferences to lead your decisions for a look that truly reflects the personality of you and your space.

Our LED hanging lights are most suitable with A60, Candle, ST-64 and Globe Bulb Series. Our favourite combination look is a vintage style filament bulb for an edgy and stylish look.

All of our LED pendant light fittings includes all mounting hardware for quick and easy installation. If you’ve been considering making your own LED pendant lighting, you’ll be pleased to hear it’s not as difficult as you might think. Choose from our fantastic selection of LED bulbs, and equipped with your own choice of pendant, lamp holder and cable, you could create a look that’s truly unique to you.

At Smart Lighting, we offer a great range of dynamic lighting choices, perfect for creating a unique look in every room, because each space is individual and deserves the best touch. Our selection is a perfect choice for hotels, bars, commercial & residential lighting.

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