LED Panel Lights

Our impressive LED panel light range is perfect for adding a vibrant and simple solution to both home and commercial projects. Our versatile lighting is perfect for adding extra light to highlight spaces, or for providing larger interiors with a fully integrated panel lighting solution.

LED lighting has the advantages of being both low cost and low energy, making it a perfect addition to your commercial space to contribute towards your carbon targets. LEDs are up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting, with over 95% of the energy generated converted into light, with minimal waste energy. For spaces aligned with environmental goals, LED lighting provides the best opportunities to achieve low energy light without compromising on quality.

LED panel lights omit white light particles, mimicking natural daylight and allowing our minds to connect with the space around us as easily as if it were outdoors on a bright day. These light particles help with everything from concentration and reduced stress to a better relationship with our environment, created by a light ambience our brains are naturally aligned with.

In commercial settings, our LED panel light catalogue can easily be matched with your space’s ceiling requirements, with easy to fit panel sizes for any space. They are a fantastic choice for commercial spaces, highlighting your products and displaying them in the best possible light.

Around the home, you can enjoy displaying one or more standalone panels to add extra light in places traditional lighting doesn’t allow. Create the illusion of a skylight by adding an led ceiling panel light, or create a light feature that adds new energy to the room with our easy to install wall panels. Popular with walk-in wardrobe and dressing areas, LED panel lights are the perfect getting-ready addition to the modern home.

Explore our range of LED options, from LED flat panel lights, ceiling panels, dimmable LED panel lights, surface mount and LED round panel lights that create the atmosphere your space needs.

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