LED Ceiling Lights

LED pendant ceiling lights are the most commonly sought after type of LED ceiling light. Usually forming a hanging solution, pendant ceiling lights can be minimal, used as a room’s main feature or create a striking addition to the design of a space.

Bathroom ceiling lights: Although most people will opt for LED spotlights in their bathroom to save space if you have the room available there’s nothing stopping you from opting for a pendant ceiling light here too. If not, ceiling LED strip lights will offer you a great alternative to spotlights, while saving space too. The important thing when it comes to led bathroom ceiling lights is to choose lighting which fits with the overall design of the room. For this reason, black, gold, rose gold, chrome, white and even wooden ceiling lights are available to choose from for the best complimentary options.

Kitchen ceiling lights: LED Kitchen ceiling lights need to offer both practicality and design prowess. In kitchens where great lighting is key to cooking easily and entertaining effectively, low ceiling lights and contemporary ceiling lights offer brilliant options. Vintage ceiling lights have been particularly popular for kitchens in recent years as homeowners move their décor towards industrial and era-influenced design.

Living room ceiling lights: Living rooms arguably offer the most flexibility when choosing your ceiling lighting, as the room in which complementary table lights, floor lamps and other lighting can contribute to the overall look. The pressure is off when you come to a ceiling light, offering you the opportunity to follow your favourite design choices.

Bedroom ceiling lights: Similarly to led living room ceiling lights, in a bedroom you can rely on an additional table or desk lamps, feature lighting and cabinet strip lighting to add elegance and illuminance to your room, leaving you with a more flexible approach to choosing your led bedroom ceiling lights.

In rooms with options, explore shape alternatives including square, round ceiling lights, and various material choices including glass, bronze and colour co-ordinating lights such as pink LED ceiling lights to contribute to the room’s overall look.

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