Smart Lights

Installing smart light bulbs in your home is a great choice for the modern lifestyle. Paired up with your home’s WiFi, a smart LED light will contribute to increasingly intelligent living for your household, with better functionality, efficiency and reliability than traditional lighting.

Smart lights use WiFi to light your home, sending and receiving signals in the same way any WiFi operated device does. They connect directly with your router and are operated easily via an app or Bluetooth.

Smart bulbs are always connected, ready to turn on whenever you need them. However, the extra energy they use is minimal and unlikely to make a difference in your electricity bill.

How to wire a smart light switch? Installing or wiring a smart light switch is a fairly straightforward task in most modern houses. For older homes, some wiring changes might be necessary, but it’s always best to get the advice of a qualified electrician before attempting any changes yourself.

To set up your new smart bulb, there are several ways to activate its use. You may be able to choose to activate them via their network, Bluetooth or the recommended app for your chosen product. Either way, activating your new smart bulb is simple and quick to do before you can begin to enjoy effort-free lighting in your home.

How to connect the smart bulb to Alexa or Google Home? Our Smart Lights are all very easy to pair with your smartphone or tablet App. Additionally, the products are fully compatible and can be easily integrated with a smart home system like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. There are lots of uses for smart lights, such as being easily controlled from your smartphone or tablet. To connect your smart lighting to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home, just open your app and select ‘Devices’. From here, you should find your new smart lights which you can then select to pair up to your smart device for immediate use.

An LED smart bulb will last 15-25 years, depending on its use. Their modern technology is incredibly efficient, turning most energy into light with minimal waste energy, creating a reliable lighting option for your home you don’t have to think about again for a generation.

Here at Smart Lighting Industries, we provide smart home lighting solutions in the form of Smart LED bulbs, Smart LED strip lights, Smart LED panels and Smart ceiling lights. Our Smart LED Bulbs are available in three fit versions: screw fit (E27, E14), bayonet (B22) and spotlight (GU10). To convert normal lights to smart lights, simply make your selection of products from our smart lighting range. Once installed they will be ready for immediate use and easy enjoyment for a more modern, smarter lifestyle.

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