E27 LED Bulbs

An E27 LED bulb is the most common bulb on the market and is used in almost any setting you can imagine, from homes to hotels to restaurants. They have screw bottoms and should not be confused with E14 bulbs which are also screw-operated, but smaller than the E27 bulb. LED E27 bulbs offer a much longer lifespan than traditional halogen or incandescent bulbs, lasting up to around 30,000 hours and saving up to 80% more energy.

What size is E27 LED light bulb? As the name suggests, Edison Screw E27 light bulbs are 27mm in diameter at the base, though the bulb itself can come in many different shapes.

Can I use an E27 bulb in an E26 socket? Generally speaking, E27 LED bulbs can be used in an E26 socket; however, beware of using an E26 bulb in an E27 lamp due to potential electrical safety risks. Depending on which room you are lighting, E27 bulbs can add a fashionable twist if you opt for an interesting shape or even a coloured bulb.

Here at Smart Lighting, we sell filament bulbs if you’re looking for something a bit different to a traditional LED bulb. These feature transparent glass so the glowing filament inside is visible, resembling older style incandescent bulbs. And if you fancy something even more out of the ordinary, try our filament bulbs with amber glass to give an extra cosy glow.

Our range from V-Tac also includes 360° omnidirectional E27 thermoplastic bulbs and we have various sizes, watts and lumens. In addition, choose from features such as dimmable LED bulbs, CCT, RGB, sensor, 3-step dimming and even smart bulbs which are compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

A huge colour range is available depending on whether you want a warm white glow from your LED bulb or a cooler white light. All bulbs at Smart Lighting come with a minimum two-year warranty and a protection grade of IP20, giving you peace mind over the product you choose. For more information or help please contact our lighting experts today.

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