Recessed LED Profile Channels

A recessed LED profile is a beautifully modern way to display your lighting in longer lengths, making a feature out of both the lighting and its environment. Popular in hallways, stairways and entryways, a recessed profile allows the LED lighting to sit encased in an aluminium profile, fitting sleekly into the wall, ceiling or flooring it occupies for an effortlessly modern look.

Low profile recessed led downlights also allow the same trend in smaller, circular fittings, while regular recessed profiles give the homeowner beautiful aesthetic design options.

Frame any room with recessed LED profile channels, with lighting flush to the surface and really show off your cement, hardwood, plaster or marble surrounds. It is also possible to use recessed LED profiles in light fittings which hang suspended, allowing the light fitting to become an artistic feature, especially when combining the fittings allows you to create a square or rectangular profiles which proudly display contemporary lighting and brings your space to life.

Recessed LED profiles can also be used effectively in shelving and cabinets, and make a great choice for bedrooms, living spaces, hallways and entryways, as well as more heavy-duty rooms like kitchens and bathrooms.

Recessed profiles make a simple and effective choice for commercial spaces too. While your LED fitting will effectively light your space with minimal effort and maximum efficiency, there’s no need to compromise on design, allowing both your employees, clients and consumers to relax in a space that speaks quality and professionalism.

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