LED Power Supply, Drivers & Controllers

LED lighting has been the preferred choice of illumination for several years, so it’s important to make sure you have the right supply and sources for your LEDs. There are a number of choices and applications to consider when selecting the right power supply for your LED lighting. At Smart Lighting, we stock a wide range of power supplies and controllers with a variety of uses, voltage and wattages.

Choose from our large variety of drivers and power controllers including plastic and metal power supplies, waterproof power supplies and LED strip controllers. Our range of LED drivers and controllers are suited for a number of applications such as street lighting, indoor decorative lighting, spotlighting, office and commercial lighting. Our LED power supplies are waterproof and rainproof and therefore suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor use. They are also capable of providing constant current or constant voltage power supply to ensure your LEDs work perfectly.

These power supplies and controllers are designed to work with LED strip lighting, LED displays and more. They’re built with short circuit and overload protection too. At Smart Lighting we stock a number of 12V power supplies, catering to a multitude of LED strip lighting usages. These power supplies are highly efficient and cost-effective and can be found up to 400W.

For convenience and ease of use, try one of our smart controllers that work paired with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, plus all other smart speakers. For larger operations, our remote panel controllers ensure multizonal application and wireless control. They also consume low levels of power and have high-speed transmission rates along with the options for brightness dimming.

Discover our complete range of LED power solutions suitable for a wide range of applications for both indoor and outdoor usage.

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