AR111 LED Bulbs

V-TAC AR111 Series bulbs have long been used to provide accent lighting, track lighting and spotlighting. AR111 LED bulbs are perfect for providing bright, clean directional lighting to highlight features in a space. While an AR111 bulb might typically be used in retail or art galleries, museums and exhibitions, they are just as effective as accent lighting in homes and businesses.

AR111 bulbs are perfect for lighting requirements that call for specialist bulbs that offer excellent beam control and low glare. AR111 LED bulbs are also, like all LED bulbs, extremely energy-efficient. Our AR111 LED bulbs have a lifetime of around 50,000 hours and offer a potential energy saving of up to 85% over traditional non-LED bulbs. Not only are they energy-efficient alternatives to traditional bulbs, but they are also a direct replacement for older halogen G53 lamps and LED spotlights.

AR111 LED bulbs are hassle-free, colour-accurate and superior to traditional spotlights. They produce no UV or IR light, ensuring that no heat damage or fading occurs to materials under the light – therefore making them the perfect choice for showing off artwork, displaying crucial work or providing accent lighting in any setting.

At Smart Lighting we offer a wide range of AR111 bulbs, including AR111 LED downlights for specific directional lighting requirements. Downlights are ideal for recessing into ceilings and can provide highly directional spotlighting or broader, more general lighting downwards. Our AR111 downlights are made to the highest quality and use extremely high-quality reflectors, ensuring that every AR111 LED bulb performs to the highest standard over their long lifetimes.

Whether you’re looking for retail lighting for your commercial space, accent lighting for your modern home or business premises or spotlighting for your artwork or exhibitions, our energy-efficient and easy-to-fit AR111 LED bulbs are the perfect choice for your needs.

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12W AR111 LED Spotlight GU10 Dimmable

12W AR111 LED Spotlight GU10 Dimmable

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