LED Track Lights

Track lighting is one of the most innovative solutions in modern LED lighting. Offering completely versatile options, it is possible to create unique displays of light and feature areas of your space while maintaining complete functionality.

LED track lighting can be used anywhere around the home or commercial space to provide the flexibility you need. Track lighting systems are often used in business by organisations wishing to show off their products or features to their clientele, drawing attention to specific areas for maximum attention.

Linear LED track lighting was originally developed to replace inefficient tube lighting in supermarkets, but they are just as popular in other commercial settings and particularly suit large, open spaces.

Around the home, track lighting creates an interior opportunity to reflect on the spaces you enjoy highlighting the most and it’s often used in kitchens too. Bring out period features of your property or draw attention to your collection of photography along the wall by adding LED track lighting systems to take your eyeline exactly where you want it to land. Additionally, linear LED track lighting, including our 12V LED track lighting allows you to focus attention away from where you don’t want it, creating atmospheric space and darker areas, for example, around monitors and TV screens.

It’s not all about the incredible look that track lighting offers though. LED security lights with motion tracking allow you to install safety and security in and around your home and business for ultimate peace of mind. Lighting is one of the best deterrents of crime, and the ability to install motion trackers in your LED security system is invaluable to our customers.

LED bulbs offer the best energy efficiency possible in your lighting options, and will often provide long life spans. When the time does come to change a bulb in your LED track lighting system, simply do so in the same way you would in any fitting. Swap an old bulb for a new one of the same energy output and type, and if necessary, take out the fitting from the track to do so. All of our products come with details on how to do this where necessary.

Whether you’re looking for your first LED track lighting system, or simply need to add a track lighting track to your existing set-up, our wide collection will provide everything you’re looking for.

Here at Smart Lighting, we deliver a range of high-performance modern track lights with excellent durability and remarkable light output to serve the general Commercial and Retail market. Our LED track lights, whether they are shutter, magnetic or simple, are adjustable and repositionable, easy mounting and come in a wide range.

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