Smart Switches

Making the switch to smart lighting is a brilliant first step to modernising your home and office, reducing your carbon footprint and enjoying lower energy costs, but going a step further and pairing your lighting and heating with a smart switch will bring a whole new set of benefits.

Smart light switches are a direct replacement for a traditional light switch or heating controls. They still offer the basic on/off functionality as you’ve always been used to, but smart switches can be paired up with your mobile phone, Google Home and Amazon Alexa to bring additional flexibility to how you light and heat your home.

There are many reasons why it’s convenient to be able to light a room before getting there. Being able to turn on a light remotely for your children encourages independence as they grow, and reduces the need to leave lights on when rooms are not in use. Turn on their bedroom and bathroom lights from the comfort of your living room and enjoy the extra time you create as a result.

Lights are not just either on or off. Smart lighting allows you to introduce a dimmer function in all of your lighting, creating both the opportunity to filter the right atmosphere into a room for entertaining or watching television, or create low lighting late at night. During the darker months, smart switches enable you to program your lighting to gradually come on in the morning, allowing a natural white light to fill your space to start your day and help wake up in the same way we do in the summer months. This contributes to a better sleep pattern and a more relaxed start to the day.

Installing smart Wi-Fi light switches in each room of your home is not just about the aesthetic enjoyments. More and more people are enjoying the security benefits of being able to remotely switch on lights when you’re away from home, and programming your lighting to come on at set intervals to create the effect that your home is occupied even when it’s not.

To wire a smart light switch in the UK, you will need to install a neutral cable, which any qualified electrician will be able to do for you. Some modern homes will already have these installed.

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