LED Batten Lights

Browse our LED Batten lights for the best Linear LEd batten fixtures, from 1 foot to 6ft length. At Smart Lighting you will find the perfect match, whether it’s a waterproof grill fitting, batten light bulb, LED tubes or LED tube fittings.

Evolution Series High Lumen LED Battens, Features

We are now selling the first and only led grill fittings with 160 lumens per watt rating from the super bright series offer superior efficiency and great energy savings. Also, it comes with a fast connector for easy wiring and installation.

LED Batten Fittings

V-TAC’s all-new range of LED Battens designed with an LED chip by Samsung delivers a high-performance light output of 120 lumens/watt. These fittings are built strong using the materials Iron + Polycarbonate and are also TP (a) rated to meet the fire safety standards. Optional microwave sensor specially designed for LED Batten Fittings is also available. Additionally, the new Batten Fittings series from V-TAC boasts of its colour tuning feature with an easy-to-access, built-in switch. This enables users to gradually customise the light from a warm 3000-kelvin warm white light up to the standard 6400-kelvin white. Choose and switch to your preferred colour temperature anytime.

Single and Double Linear Batten Fitting

This modern range of batten fittings offer durability and can house one to two LED tubes. Additionally, they come in standard lengths for general purpose lighting in residences, commercial establishments, supermarkets, and offices.

T5 Batten Fittings

The new T5 Batten Fittings retain the premium qualities of V-TAC’s fixtures with LED. Also, each led linear batten is fully compatible & linkable. Therefore, multiple batten fittings can be connected with each other, making it an efficient alternative lighting fixture for both small and big indoor spaces.

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