LED Batten Lights

LED batten lights provide a modern answer to traditional, fluorescent tube lighting. If you’re still using old tube lighting, you’ll know the annoying flickering and waiting that happens when you switch them on. With LED batten lights, your space will be beautifully lit the moment you flick the switch. No waiting, no flickering, just immediate, continuous light that offers brilliant functionality.

When you switch to an LED batten fitting, it’s not just the light quality that you gain. LED lighting offers up to a 90% increase in energy efficiency, as a high percentage of energy is created into light, with minimal heat waste, and no sound omitted. Know that when you choose LED, you choose lower running costs, better output and an overwhelming decrease in your carbon footprint.

Our LED battens offer the best linear LED batten fixtures, with lengths ranging from 1ft to 6ft to fit any space you need. Our 4ft and 5ft LED batten light options are amongst our most popular products in this range, fittings most spaces efficiently and with a great overall look and functionality.

Whether you’re looking for a waterproof grill fitting, batten light bulb, LED tubes or LED tube fittings, Smart Lighting will provide everything you need for every space.

We are now selling the first and only LED grill fittings with 160 lumens per watt rating from our super bright series, offering superior efficiency and great energy savings. All of our batten light fittings come with a fast connector for easy wiring and installation.

To wire and install an LED batten fitting, fix the holds of suspended ropes to the ceiling, before fixing the pedestal of installation ropes on the lamp with the screws included. The ropes can then be screwed into the pedestals and the AC wires and suspended ropes can be bound together with clips. After connecting to your power supply, the installation will be complete.

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