Fire Rated LED Downlights

Fire-rated downlights offer additional safety in homes or businesses in the event of a fire and are recommended by the Electrical Safety Council.

Cutting a hole into a ceiling to install a downlight creates a fire hazard by creating an entry and exit point through which the fire can pass. Fire-rated LED downlights counterbalance that fire risk by sealing the hole using expandable materials, therefore slowing down the spread of fire. This allows more time for employees or residents to exit the building.

It is highly recommended that all LED downlights are fire rated, though this is not a legal requirement for every ceiling. It may not be necessary to use fire rated downlights in some circumstances, such as in concrete or false ceiling. However, if in doubt, always install a fire-rated downlight for additional safety.

The best fire rated downlights come with a rating of 30, 60 or 90 minutes, which refers to the delay they put on a fire spreading. The ceiling on the bottom floor of a house or residential building, for example, would normally use a 30- or 60-minute rated downlight, whereas the top ceiling in a block of flats would require 90 or perhaps even 120-minute fire rated downlights.

Here at Smart Lighting all our fire rated downlights come with a minimum resistance of 90 minutes. We supply V-Tac downlights with a white, chrome or nickel finish and each one is built with aluminium alloy and iron for durability.

Our downlight range covers indoor and outdoor use and we also sell fittings for bathrooms and showers. With 3000K, 4000K, 6400K and CCT colour options, IP20 protection and a three-year warranty, we’re confident you’ll find the fire-rated downlight you need.

Please contact us with any queries you have and let us help you today.

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