Recessed LED Panels

Recessed LED panels are a fantastic choice for those who want the simplicity of spotlights with the suitability for public or corporate settings, as well as domestic suitability.

An LED recessed panel offers diffused lighting through a small panel, offering the perfect opportunity to create a sleek and modern design throughout hallways, corridors, event spaces and meeting rooms. Recessed LED panels come with a choice of timeless design for the most contemporary feel, or the selection of framed recessed LED panel light with glass, plastic or chrome design.

To install a recessed mounted LED panel light, switch off the power supply and lift the recessed LED panel fitting into the ceiling hole. Next, disconnect the fitting from the mains and remove this, before wiring the LED panel driver to the mains electricity. Place the panel into the recessed ceiling and connect the male/female connector. Finally, adjust the fitting into place for its end look.

In addition to LED recessed panels, we stock a great selection of LED panel recessed mounting kits for all of your needs. Once you have chosen your lighting selection and the quantity you will need to complete the look of your space.

Recessed LED light panels are the perfect choice for office lighting, conference halls, hospitals, hotels, shopping centres, showrooms, lobbies and cabins in commercial use. They also make a suitable choice for kitchen lighting in domestic settings, so if you’re considering your lighting options for around the home, recessed LED panels could be the sleek and modern answer you’re looking for.

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