Portable Bluetooth Speakers

V-TAC Portable Bluetooth speakers, or portable BT speakers, are a popular and user-friendly way to ensure you have sound and music anywhere and everywhere, even when on the move. Our wide range of portable wireless Bluetooth speakers gives you the chance to find exactly what you need.

A portable, rechargeable Bluetooth speaker is one of the simplest modern ways to guarantee amplified music or speech on the move and are perfect for people who need speakers that can be relied on while travelling or changing locations. As these speakers utilise Bluetooth technology, it couldn’t be simpler to hook them up quickly and painlessly with your smartphone or computer.

Rechargeable Bluetooth speakers are especially perfect for travelling – as long as your portable Bluetooth speakers fit the maximum size requirements of individual airlines, you can even take them in your hold luggage.

Which portable Bluetooth speaker to choose is an important consideration and depends on your needs and the space you have available. Portable Bluetooth speakers come in a range of sizes and configurations, from small and sleek to sit on your desk or side table, to large and powerful, built into a trolley frame and perfect for outdoor parties and impromptu park concerts. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that all our speakers are portable, reliable and easily rechargeable.

Recharging your rechargeable speakers couldn’t be easier. Simply turn off your speaker and connect the supplied USB charger. They can be easily recharged from a socket or power pack and be ready to go again in no time. You can even leave your rechargeable speakers on charge and do something else, safe in the knowledge that your portable BT speaker will safely reach 100% charge.

Whether you’re organising an outdoor party, travelling to gigs or delivering a speech, you can’t go wrong with our wide range of wireless rechargeable Bluetooth speakers.

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