LED Non Corrosive Lights

What are non-corrosive LED light fittings? LED non corrosive fittings also known as LED anti corrosive light fittings are weatherproof, waterproof, IP65 and tri-proof. Non-corrosive LED light IP65 fittings are resistant to corrosion, waterproof, shock-resistant and dustproof, making them the ideal choice for outdoor, industrial and exposed settings, including car-parks, factories, workshops, warehouses, offices, supermarkets, shops, hotels & similar environment.

LED Non Corrosive Light fittings provide you with the peace of mind that your space will receive uninterrupted, long-lasting and efficient lighting whatever the conditions. Workplaces omitting dust, chemicals and other substances which may damage traditional lighting should choose LED non-corrosive fittings for their space to provide the best lighting solution.

Weatherproof light fittings are a great choice for car parks for year-round guarantee of quality and reliability. Corrosion proof lights mean you can simply install your chosen products and enjoy complete functionality of your space, with a great reduction on maintenance, repairs and replacements.

LED bulbs far outlast traditional lighting, bringing additional peace of mind and lower costs. Their energy output means you will enjoy increased efficiency of around 90% as LED lighting uses most of its energy in light output, with very little heat or noise waste compared to traditional lighting. This results in lower running costs and a better carbon footprint for your space, helping you reach your environmental goals as well as creating a practical, robust and non-corrosive solution.

At Smart Light Industries, we stock a complete essentials range of IP65 LED waterproof tubes. Choose from our non-corrosive linear LED lights for industrial lighting. Our waterproof LED battens are built with a tough, air-tight enclosure that allows it to resist jets of water and dust. Therefore our LED waterproof fittings become an essential feature for outdoor lighting. The range varies from 600mm to 1800mm length and 18W to 70W power consumption. Furthermore, the product comes in Superbright High Lumen version offering 160 Lm/W.

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