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LED Batten Lights Buying Guide

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LED Battens – Everything You Need To Know

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These days, fluorescent lights are being overtaken in popularity by LED Batten Lights. They are similar in that they can be used in the same way, but don’t pose the same dangers that fluorescent lights do. They look great in commercial environments such as shopping centres, offices, retail spaces and car parks, and save a considerable amount of energy when compared to other more traditional light fixtures.

Here, we’ll walk you through what LED battens are, the benefits of using them and how to choose the right one for you.

What are LED batten lights?

LED battens are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient tube lighting solutions that can be installed in numerous spaces, both residential and commercial, to provide a reliably bright light output and stable, flicker-free lighting experience. Fluorescent tubes can be replaced by LED ceiling battens, which are non-toxic.

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What are the different types of batten lights?

LED Batten lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including:

Weatherproof: This type of LED batten is weatherproof against moisture and dust, which makes them ideal for use in car parks, warehouses, outdoor spaces and garages.

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Slimline: Slimline LED batten lights are made of aluminium and polycarbonate and include an opal diffuser. The A+ built-in lamps are irreplaceable, but with 25000 hours of light, and easy installation, this isn’t a huge issue.

Standard: Commercial spaces like car parks, garages, factories, schools, and hospitals frequently use this type of LED batten light.

Wide beam: Offices and other commercial settings that need plenty of light are the most common places to find these batten lights.

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How to Wire up a LED batten light?

  1. Begin by turning off the electricity supply.
  2. Next, read and make sure you understand the installation instructions provided with the light.
  3. Pull the upper and lower halves apart from one other at one end to separate them. The cable between them can be disconnected to make it easier.
  4. Next, identify where you want the led batten to go and mark the locations where it will be fixed.
  5. The supply cable can be dressed through any of the three rear entry ports or the end caps after the main body and base have been drilled and secured in place.
  6. Fasten both support straps to the main body tabs and then the LED tray to this setup.
  7. Afterwards, attach the LED plate to the main body, ensuring that it is appropriately positioned throughout the entire length without blocking any cables.
  8. Test the light by switching on the power source.

As with anything electrical, if you’re unsure, it is a good idea to consult a qualified electrician.

Where can I use LED batten lights?

The versatility of LED batten lights means that they can be used just about anywhere, in both commercial and residential environments. They give out plenty of light and do not pose the same hazards that traditional fluorescent lighting does. Some of the most popular places to use LED batten lights include:

  • Carparks
  • Hospitals
  • Factories and workshops
  • Garage
  • Kitchens
  • Schools
  • Offices

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Which LED batten is best, and what do you need to think about when choosing one?

Wattage: Wattage or power consumption is one of the main attributes that differentiate LED Battens lights. It is closely related to other technical parameters such as luminous flux and efficiency and the number of LEDs. The higher the wattage, the higher the lumens and respectively light intensity. samsung chips batten light

Beam angle: It’s possible to get LED batten lights with several types of beam angles. A floodlight, for example, has a wide beam angle that illuminates a large space. Unlike a floodlight, a spotlight is a single beam of light with a narrow beam angle. When choosing a beam angle for ceiling light, it’s important to examine the light fittings distribution, ceiling light, and the desired intensity in specific areas.

Colour rendering index: CRI is the rating given to batten lights. It measures how well a light fixture can distinguish between different colours. It’s a good idea to look for one with a CRI of at least 80. This indicates a natural range of colour.

Durability: The lifespan of the batten light is an important consideration as well. Compared to fluorescent lighting, these fixtures have a lifespan of 25,000-50,000 hours and can last for up to 10-12 years. The lifespan of these bulbs depends on the heat sink you use to transmit heat away from both the LED driver and the chip. When it comes to the lifespan of a heat sink, dimmability and an intensive heat sink are key factors.

Dimmability: The ambience of space is greatly influenced by the amount of light that is there. Using dimmable batten lights, you can keep it under control. The best way to manage the lighting is to utilize Dimmable LED batten lights. Additionally, you can use a dimmer switch to control the amount of light.

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What is the difference between LED batten and LED tube light?

When LED chips are attached to a circuit board, LED batten illumination is created. The fact that they are free of lead, mercury, and other harmful substances means that the batten is completely safe.

While fluorescent battens are typically composed of plastic or metal, they can also be constructed of glass, plastic or glass. To light a fluorescent tube, a chemical reaction is triggered by an electrical current, and this chemical reaction produces light.

Are LED batten lights dimmable?

Yes, you can purchase dimmable LED batten lights.

Are LED Batten lights energy efficient?

In comparison to halogen or fluorescent bulbs, LED technology can save up to 90% in energy consumption. Since the LED lamps do not have to warm up, the batten illuminates immediately when the switch is turned on, which further reduces energy consumption.

How long do LED batten lights last?

LED lights can offer more than 25,000 hours of normal usage, which is around ten years.

Can I replace fluorescent tubes with LED batten lights?

A “ballast-compatible” LED bulb will allow you to use the ballast in your fluorescent light fixture to power your LEDs.

Do LED battens get hot?

There is a prevalent belief that LED bulbs do not heat up, but this is not true. LEDs do not get nearly as hot as incandescent bulbs, but they do produce a minimal amount of heat.

What is the brightest LED batten light?

LED batten wattages to start at 4W and go up to 70W.

What LED batten lights are best for a garage?

This is entirely dependent on what you are using your garage for. Of course, the first thing to do is measure the space to ensure you have adequate lighting. You may also want to install weatherproof LED batten lighting in case of moisture and dust.

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