Our Projects- Bespoke Lighting

Here at Smart Lighting Industries, we create any bespoke lighting ideas you have for your home or business. Our bespoke LED lights and bespoke interior lighting allows our customers to create the perfect look for their space, using only the very best materials and service.

Whatever design you have in mind, our team will love bringing it to life for you. We can create complex shapes on demand, including artisan X, L and U shapes, as well as hexagon shapes that create the wow factor in any room...

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Linear Bespoke Lighting

Our bespoke linear lighting is the most popular option, creating striking lines to illuminate your space with the most impact.

Order our bespoke linear lights to suit your illuminating needs, whatever they are, from residential to commercial and industrial spaces.

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Rectangular/Square Bespoke Lighting

Whether it is simple, or bold, geometrical shapes - your project is safe in our hands.

Choose from limitless possibilities, like direct or indirect lighting, materials like metal casing, plastic, wood with various colours and light colour temperature.

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Complex Shapes Bespoke Lighting

Even if you have just an idea, a sketch on a piece of paper, or a professional lighting design, we can make it come true.

Our workshop provides custom-built in England bespoke lights that meet all the safety and design standards.

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Featured Bespoke Lighting

Every lighting project is unique, creative, with its own personality, and we take extra care to provide satisfaction to all our customers.

Call us for any bespoke lighting solutions - dare to explore and deliver a new vision in the XXI century lighting.

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