GU10 Downlight Fitting

GU10 downlights are a simple, modern and effective lighting choice for numerous rooms and settings. Favoured by homeowners and business owners alike, the GU10 light fitting becomes a fitting with as many unique design options as you need to really personalise your space by adding GU10 light fittings.

Make your GU10 LED downlight fitting a spectacular part of your interiors by really highlighting the design aspect of this great lighting choice. The GU10 LED downlights instantly become a feature of any space when you dive into the range we have available at Smart Lighting.

Whether colour, shape, material or quantity is your focus, our collection offers something for every taste and style. Our GU10 fitting round gypsum is a particularly popular choice for its sleek and modern exterior, seamlessly fitting into kitchens, bathrooms, entertaining spaces and commercial outlets to set apart your lighting.

Our 2* and 3* aluminium GU10 spotlight fittings are also popular, allowing you to team two or three bulbs together to create a lighting cluster and maximise the brightness available.

It’s easy to create your own GU10 downlight kit with our extensive range of GU10 bulbs and GU10 downlight fittings, pairing together products we believe in for their excellent quality and reliability year after year.

GU10 light fitting instructions: To fit or install a GU10 light fitting, squeeze the clip or use the sucker provided to release the existing bulb from its fitting. Turn the bulb counterclockwise to unhook it from the power supply, before twisting the new bulb into position and returning the clip.

Adding GU10 downlight fittings as well as fitting a new bulb may mean you are looking to create a new lighting outlet. To install new light fittings and wiring, please consult with a qualified electrician before commencing work yourself. An electrician will then create space for the fittings in your desired locations, cutting holes and wiring in the downlight fittings.

Before installing downlights, you may want to consider how many GU10 light fittings will suit the space you have. A good rule of thumb is to calculate the area of your space in feet and multiply this by 1.5 for general living areas and 2.5 for spaces needing increased brightness, such as kitchens. Use this number to estimate the Watts you should aim for, and divide this by the number of bulbs needed to create this Wattage.

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