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Outdoor LED Lights Buying Guide

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When you’re looking for outdoor LED lights it can be hard to know where to start. Of course, it can be easy to know that LEDs are efficient and last a long time, but knowing which one is right seems impossible. Take a look at our LED buying guide to learn all the different types of outdoor LEDs, the features you’re looking for and how to make the right decision.

Types of outdoor LED lights

Outdoor LED lights are some of the most versatile options available on the market, with dozens of different uses and formats. Just some of the types of LED lights people use outside, in addition to why they use them, include:

  • Wall-mounted lights: Lights homeowners place on walls, illuminating the area around them so people can see the garden better.
  • Bollard, Pedestal & Post Lights: Designed to fit on posts, these lights both distinguish the bollards and add an extra bit of design flair.
  • Floodlights: Typically wall-mounted, floodlights are so named because they flood the area they look at with light.
  • Step lights: Set on stairs in a yard, these lights show where steps are in the dark and illuminate where people are putting their feet.
  • Deck and patio lights: Designed to surround a deck or patio, illuminating the entire space and outlining any walls or fences.
  • Landscape lights: Lighting that illuminates a landscape and highlights any aesthetic space in a garden, rather than where people are.
  • Pathway lights: These lights are used to distinguish a pathway through a garden or yard area, especially when the path is surrounded by a grassy or rocky area.
  • Security lights: Large lights with bright beams that are designed to deter any potential intruders.
  • Motion-activated lights: Lights that activate when they sense any movement in their range, letting intruders know that there is security in place.
  • Solar-powered lights: Environmentally friendly lights that take in energy from the sun throughout the day, store it, and use it to light up a space at night-time so an area is always lit up.

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Key features to consider

There are a few major features to consider when you are looking to get lights for your outdoor space. The more time you put into considering these aspects, the better your experience will be. Some of the most important features to look for when choosing your outdoor LED lights include:

1. Brightness and colour temperature

The brightness and colour temperature effectively dictate the way that your lights are going to look, with more brightness meaning that the light is more intense. Colour temperature, on the other hand, covers the tone of the light, with a higher temperature appearing brighter. Lights in dental surgery, for example, are extremely cool to provide complete whiteness to work in, with more relaxed environments focusing on warmer light. Think about the tone that you want to set in your space.

2. Energy efficiency

LED bulbs in general are very efficient sources of light. Fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, for example, take in a lot more energy for a much more disappointing level of light. By accounting for energy efficiency, you can make sure that you save power, cutting down on your bills and protecting the environment. LEDs also last longer, so you’re removing the need for new bulbs to be made when looking for replacements.

3. Beam angle

This refers to how wide the beam of light is, with types of light such as a floodlight benefiting from the widest beam possible. To illuminate large areas you want to have a wide beam, with spotlights on certain features focusing the beam a little bit more and appearing brighter than their widespread alternatives.

4. Weather-resistance

Also known as waterproofness, weather resistance refers to how durable a lighting product is in adverse weather. This is most important for floodlights and security lighting, as you need to make sure that they perform in all weather at all times of the year. More resistant products can end up costing you more, but they keep you a lot safer than alternatives.

5. Control options

If you have a light mounted on a wall at the top of a house, controlling it at the light can be impossible. Think about the different control options you have, such as lighting remotes, timers, and integration with different smart home options. This includes lights that have dimmers, so you don’t need to always have them on full power to get the benefit of a good light.

6. Installation and mounting options

The way you install a light can be difficult, with some requiring unique wiring solutions or mounting hardware. Look for lights that you can handle installing, or get in touch with some experts that can help you to get the perfect lights installed in a safe way that you know works properly.

7. Power sources

Different lights rely on different power sources, with solar lights being more sustainable than those that come from the mains. Think about where your power is coming from, and where possible try to emphasise sustainability. Sustainability doesn’t only help the environment but means that your home is ready for the future and avoids the costs that come with a transition to being a green home in a few years’ time.

8. Warranty

There are obvious benefits to getting a light that has a warranty since you can get a replacement in the event of any serious issues with the product going forward. Warranties also mean that you can get support with repairs, which is especially important when you have technical products such as solar-powered lights or those that are part of a smart home.

Choosing the right light

Ultimately, when you’re choosing a LED light, you need to make sure it is suitable for you. Take your time when establishing what your needs are and your budget, look at all of the features available to you and make an informed decision that gets you all the right solutions in your home. Outdoor lighting can be a daunting thing, but by listening to this guide you’ll be on the path to the right product for your needs.

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